Marian Cozma arrived home, for the last time!

Articol de GSP - Publicat miercuri, 11 februarie 2009 00:00

The dead body of the handball player Marian Cozma, killed in Hungary, arrived at his home from the district Tei in Bucharest, in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, around 3.00 a.m., being acclaimed at the arrival by almost 300 de persons.
The coffin was carried from the mortuary car to the house by Marian Cozma’s colleagues from the national team. At the arrival of the convey there were present players from the masculine handball teams Bucharest and Steaua Bucharest, but also the president of the Romanian Federation of Handball, Cristian Gaţu.
On Tuesday evening also, hundreds of people gathered in Piaţa Universităţii and at the stadium to commemorate the death of the handball player. (Mediafax)

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