Do they turn back with 3 centuries?

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If Steaua looses today it will end on the 8th place the championship turn; this situation hadn’t been in Ghencea for 27 years!

Being on a unique situation in the history of the club after 13 matches without a victory, Steaua is very close to smash another negative record which has been old for 27 years! This means to finish the turn on the 8th place, they haven’t occupied this position since the first part of the season 1981-1982! This thing could happen if Unirea Urziceni wins today in Ghencea, and CFR doesn’t lose in front of the team Gaz Metan. Besides, Steaua would distance very much from the first positions, being at 11 points from Urziceni and at 9 points from Dinamo.

It is very interesting that Steaua played the last match of the year 1981 against the leader from that time, U Craiova, just like it happened now. The red-blue won at that time with 1-0 and this way they managed to take the 8th place. The victory goal was scored by Iordănescu, who had an exceptional round, with 11 goals from the total of 17 goals scored by Steaua. Beside Iordănescu, in Ghencea played also other good football players such as Tudorel Stoica, Balint, Iovan or Sameş, and the coach was Traian Ionescu. Steaua finished that championship on the 6th place, and they missed the qualification in the European cups. :S

" Rather than us being autumn champions, Steaua had better lost with  Unirea and we shall occupy the second. Steaua is our most dangerous adversary"
Cristi Borcea, the executive president from Dinamo

"If Steaua looses today, it still has chances to the title.  Red-blue will be at a distance of 11 points from the leader. The same happened last season and they regained "
Mihai Stoica, the manager from Unirea Urziceni

"I only think about victory. We want to finish this year with a success in the championship. I asked to my players a maximum determination"
Dorinel Munteanu, the coach from Steaua

Steaua has 0 DEFEATS on its own ground in this season from League 1, the last failure in Ghencea, in the championship, being registered in April 2007, 2-4 with Dinamo

Urziceni won  18 POINTS from 24 possible when they played away this season, which means 75%. Unirea is on the first place in the classification of matches played away.

How did Urziceni manage to be better than Steaua in two years

28.10.2006    Steaua - Urziceni 3-0
Steaua 2nd place (24p)
Urziceni – 13th place (15p)

Dan Petrescu declared after this match: "I had very good players at Sportul, here I have excellent conditions. When I have all these things, I will be a great coach then. Remaining in League 1 is for us just like it is for Steaua to win the champion title". Only Epaminonda Nicu remained title at Unirea.

05.05.2007    Urziceni - Steaua 1-2
Steaua - 3rd place (56p)
Urziceni – 8th place (42p)

02.09.2007    Urziceni - Steaua 1-0
Steaua – 4th place (11p)
Urziceni – 5th place (10p)

16.03.2008    Steaua - Urziceni 1-0
Steaua – 3rd place (44p)
Urziceni – 5th place (41p)


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