Aron Huzu: "Our observers are like some gymnasium teachers who have to teach in a high-school"

Articol de GSP - Publicat marti, 27 octombrie 2009 00:00

The former president of CCA, Aron Huzu, says that the morality of the referee Ciprian Danşa cannot be doubted and he speaks about the dubious quality of some observers who supervise the activity of the referees in the matches from League 1.

"I have a good opinion about Danşa, I have watched him for a long time and I think that his morality cannot be doubted. Dinamo has the right to make a complaint against him, this is their problem, but CCA must separate of any external influence.

I cannot comment Ciprian’s way of refereeing because I haven’t seen the match, but the penalty is incontestable. On the replays I haven’t seen him close to the phase and this surprises me because he is one of the centrals who are in a very good shape. There was a clear phase, the assistant or the fourth referee could have helped him. If he had a little bit more courage, perhaps we would have discussed about him in a different way.

However, the value of the referees’ team is dependent of the one of observers. I doubt of the pedagogical qualities of some observers, I think they cannot teach referees. It is as if you sent the gymnasium teachers to teach in a high-school.  

The tests I used to give when I was the president of CCA were not in vain, as an observer you cannot rely only on the knowledge you have acquired during your career of referee. You need to correct, to be an example, to make the referee learn something after the match", said Huzu for

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