Piţi's » He invented Tănase at the national team, and now he is resuscitating him at Steaua

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The former player from Piteşti is the favorite player of the coach, the one who receives most of the encouragements.

Cristian Tănase has serious reasons to be thankful to Piţurcă and the relationship between them revitalized the midfielder of Steaua. With only one goal scored for the red-blue in one year, criticized by the sponsor and by the supporters, the player receives Piţi’s help to return to the limelight. What will make the coach to bring Tănase again among the important people in League 1?

Total support
Piţurcă is not the type of man generous with the laudations, but he makes an exception with Cristi, whom he appreciates and he shows this thing every day, by the attitude he has towards him at trainings and at matches. The midfielder receives encouragements at every success he has and freedom during the games. He even looks more trustful and he seems to have obtained a more important statute within the team, thanks to the trust he benefits of on the bench. After he scored sensationally against APOEL, with a shot in the corner iron, Tănase was asked immediately: "Cristi, are you OK? Mai poţi?". He made a sign to Piţi that he does not resist physically anymore. The coach replaced him in a few minutes, to protect him.

He found the right post for him
The former player from Piteşti has been discharged of the agony of being moved on all the posts in the team, and less on the one preferred by him. Stoichiţă saw him as forward and insisted with him in the outposts until he gave up, after a few weak matches. After that he forced him as central or right midfielder, and never on the left side. Piţurcă used Tănase as left midfielder when he offered him the debut at the national team, against Austria (1-2), a match in which Cristi scored and now he offers him the same post at Steaua.

Is he going to keep the shape even in Bucharest?
Tănase seemed changed even last winter. But after a bad tour, the misfielder played well in the friendly matches, he was noticed by Mircea Lucescu after a test with Şahtior, they hoped that could be decisively for Steaua in the championship. What was next?: A return as weak as the turn and his often appearances in the scandal newspapers. "He shall be careful not to be as Boştină, who made a very good job during trainings, as long as he was watched, but he stopped immediately when he returned from the training camp and he went i the clubs and at women", thinks a former coach of Steaua.

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