4 important points from the derby

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The situation is changed with 180 degrees in comparison with the last direct confrontation, from this spring, when Steaua won with 1-0

The most waited match from the end of this championship will bring face to face two teams; each one has one ace in the hole. GSP presents 4 key-things around which will be decided the match from this evening from Ghencea.

1. Unirea is very good in attack
Steaua will meat the team which is on the 2nd place in the efficiency classification from League 1. Unirea scored 28 goals from 87 occasions, which means an average of one goal at every 3,1 occasions, unlike Steaua, which scored 23 times from 102 goal phases, which means one goal at 4,4 occasions. :O The goal getter from Unirea Urziceni is Onofraş, with 7 goals, almost double in comparison with the best scorer from Steaua Kapetanos and Stancu, both with 4 goals.

2. You can hardly reach the goalpost from Steaua
Dorinel Munteanu’s team is the leader in the teams’ classification because at their goalpost the adversaries give the fewest shots on target. The average at Zapata’s shots on target was of 3,5 shots per match, no other team from the championship had such a performance.

3. Steaua is weak in static phases
Last season, in Ghencea, Steaua won 70 % points from the static phases. But this season, the red-blue are on the last place in a similar classification, with only 3 goals scored from the 23 static phases which the team benefited of.  Urziceni is much better, because it scored 9 times from 28 situations.

4. Petrescu does dot play on offside
Have you seen few times occasions with Arlauskis alone at Urziceni goalpost? The main reason is the fact that Dan Petrescu forbidden the offside play in his defensive. What’s the result? Urziceni is on the last place with respect to the number of offside positions in which the forward adversaries are caught, they being caught in offside once at two matches.

75 % is the percentage of the points won by Urziceni away this season, which means 18 from 24. Unirea is on the first place in classification of the matches played away.

Steaua has 0 defeats on its own ground in this season of League 1, the last failure in Ghencea, in championship, being registered in April 2007, 2-4 with Dinamo

Dorinel-Petrescu irresolute
The two coaches which will duel this evening met 3 times until now and the match ended every time with a draw.

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