The new National Arena is almost finished!

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The constructors will conclude the work on the strength structure of the stadium, which lasted for two years and four months. The stadium will be ready in April 2011.

Two years and nine months have passed since the old "23 August" was demolished. On November 21st 2007, after Romania - Albania match the work started. Then the constructors demolished some of the old arenas lawns.

Today, Sorin Oprescu will end the longest period required for the construction  of National Arena. It will be a symbolic action that practically means the end of the concrete structure. Huge cranes that have raised tonnes of concrete have finished their job.

The work on the roof will begin soon
Their place will be left to other machines. Work has already started on the inside of the stadium and in a week it will start on the roof. The finnishing touches on the arena will be made on the stadium light poles and at the sound installation. "It is an important moment for any building.

We will put the last building block after two years and nine months from the demolition of the old stadium", said one of the constructors.

Here are the lockers!
Gazeta got hold of the stadium project and show's you the first images with the inside finishes of the arena. They are still in project, following that the constructors decide the the colours used and other elements for the ornaments. There will be four locker rooms, all ultra-modern equipped.

Will Mutu remain on the poster?
There is a project with several images of the representative Romanian players in soccer history. One of them is Adrian Mutu, suspended at this time in "The Sibutramine Case" and in conflict with Razvan Lucescu after Novi Sad episode.  

The huge poster with Mutu is placed in the most important part of the arena at the access to the VIP area. "It is the decision of those who made the project. Mutu's image is not decisive, a final decision will be taken when the work will reach the final stage! It could be any great Romanian player, not necessarily Mutu", said one of the builders.

55,000 seats will be the capacity of the new arena

165 million is the total cost of the works at the National Arena

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