Păcurar thinks that Piţi wull insure their immunity in front of Becali: "Gigi shall keep his word!"

Alexandru Pacurar, Pacurar, Steaua
Alexandru Pacurar, Pacurar, Steaua

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The former offensive midfielder from Dinamo dreams about one goal against "the dogs", which he plans to celebrate in an original way.

Alex Păcurar received from Piţurcă the chance to dress again the T-shirt of a great club. The midfielder who played at Dinamo had failed in mediocrity, at teams like Pandurii and Bistriţa, but he has the chance to impress again, at 28 years old. After four days of training camp with Steaua, he is still looking for the company of his former colleagues from Pandurii, Stanca and Martinovici, who accompanied him in Ghencea. The goalkeeper came closer when he saw him at the interview: "Alex, are you thrilled?".

- Alex, have you accommodated at Steaua?
- Yes, I have already habituated. Well, I don’t have such problems, usually; I adapt myself quickly. And here was even easier, because I had already known a few boys. Stanca and Martinovici I were my colleagues at Pandurii, and with Abrudan I played at U Cluj. So, I am not surrounded by strangers.

- Is it a problem that the team is composed of many young players?
- I don’t think so, but sincerely speaking this is not my business. Mr. Piţurcă is responsible for the transfers and if he considered that he does not risk anything by changing some of the players, it means that he knows what he is doing. He has a plan and he follows it to the letter.

"The biggest wish? To give a goal to Dinamo"
- On what position will you play?
- At Pandurii I was used all over in the middle of the field, but I like most to be offensive central midfielder.  

- Why do you think that Sorin Cîrţu, who was your coach at Tîrgu Jiu, said "Păcurar is very good, but only if he trains"? What do you think that he suggested?
- Mr. Cîrţu said a logical thing. Who has ever seen a player to evolve sensationally without training? You can have fantastic qualities, but you have to accept the trainings, too; so he didn’t say a secret.

- Have you ever thought how the derby with Dinamo will be?
- My biggest wish is to give ne goal, it wouldn’t exist a bigger wish. I don’t know how I would celebrate the goal of a victory with Dinamo, but I am sure that I will invent something then, on the field, spontaneous. I was even in Ştefan cel Mare, but few years ago, long time ago, so, the fans of Steaua shouldn’t be upset on me. This is already past.

"The atmosphere will change"
- Why didn’t you impose at Dinamo?
- Mr. Andone brought me there, from U Cluj, but after he left they borrowed me at Bistriţa. I couldn’t tell you why I didn’t stay at Dinamo.

- How will you react after the first critics from Gigi Becali?
- Mr. Piţurcă discussed with the sponsor, he obtained the promise that we won’t be criticized and I hope the owner of the club will keep his word. I don’t think we will be criticized.

- But are you prepared for admonitions from the supporters?
- You will see that this season will be different! More players will come at the matches and the atmosphere will be different. I am sure about this.

"Piţurcă’s trainings are interesting. After so many years of football, I do not complain about the training camps, they became something usual, I am solaced that it is impossible to play football without them"
Alex Păcurar, midfielder Steaua

"We are already there players from Pandurii, Stanca,  Martinovici and I and I think that even Cardoso would deserve to play at Steaua. He is a left defender with excellent qualities"
Alex Păcurar, midfielder Pandurii

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