Piţurcă directed the acquisitions at the first friendly match

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At the first match since he came back to Steaua, the coach stood almost all the time and he had some comments to make at every phase.

Piţurcă didn’t like the friendly match with APOEL, from Sunday, but in the end he enjoyed his first victory in the new mandate on the bench of Steaua,  after 90 minutes in which even him made show, not only the scorers Tănase and Surdu. Piţi was displeased at the fact that he must play with the Cypriots, after a schedule made by Stoichiţă since two months ago.

Why? He was afraid of injuries and of a failure, all these because of the intense schedule which he imposed in the days before the match, with three trainings in one day. Including the greensward annoyed him, when he arrived at the field, although the surface for play looked quite well, better than most of the fields in Romania.

The former spotter has seen the match standing in front of the tribune where there were 20 supporters of Steaua, the Romanians established in Austria. The fans reacted many times in contradiction with what the coach had seen. When the little gallery was screaming "Well done, Bănele", Piţi contradicted it: "No, it’s not well...". The coach wanted to arrange the new acquisitions on the field under way and he spoke almost all the time. 

Big wants on the extreme sides
At the friendly match from Sunday, 2-0 with APOEL Nicosia, Piţurcă could see clearly two posts on which he needs urgently fortification: right and left defender. Todorov and Emeghara played from the very beginning and they were replaced then by the inexperienced Mustaţă and Lucian Filip. Neither the titles were fantastic. Todorov was outrun almost at every attack made by the Cypriots on his side, and Emeghara continues to bind every day his operated knees.

What indications gave Piţurcă:
> "Răduţ, participate in the game, do something! You can see that the blond guy is your adversary and you have never stopped him!"
> "Dorel, leave Gardoş and Abrudan alone, leave!"
> "Do you look at Stancu, to give him a ball behind the defenders? What have we discussed?"
> "Păcurar, you are alone there!"
> "Mustaţă, have you seen how Todorov attacked his adversary? You shouldn’t do this!"
> "Gardoş, don’t climb anymore, because your place is not there!"

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