Gigi Becali: "Mourinho called Giovani and he asked to play with Steaua. When is CFR going to so this?"

Articol de GSP - Publicat marti, 29 iunie 2010 00:00

The sponsor of Steaua, Gigi Becali, revealed at Contraatac, on GSP TV, that he will make another several transfers in the next period and he answers to the officials of CFR Cluj, who ironized the idea of organizing the friendly match with Real Madrid from Ghencea.

"I know that Ienei has also taken an apartment in Bucharest, I don’t know more. Ask Piţurcă, he is in charge with everything! I am not involved anymore, that’s all I know! I want the team to have the results which the supporters expect and I think I am doing the best. I found out from Piţi that he needs another two or three players whom to play as central or lateral defender, he know who will come. I won’t take Moraes not even for 150.000; I have already said that we were never interested on him.

He may value 17 million, but if I don’t need him, this means that I won’t give anything for him", said Becali, referring then at the friendly match which the team will dispute in august with Real Madrid:

"What kind of friendly match could have played CFR with Real Madrid, where could have they played? It is easier to play official matches because they are established according to a schedule, but otherwise, how could CFR dream that it has Real in front?
Where are they playing with Madrid? Mourinho called Giovani and he said that they want to play with us, he said that the match will be played on two million euro, but my cousin negotiated up to 500.000".

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